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One Page Site - jog690

A simple, fast static website to put online your business, service or product. Onpepage Site is an easy favorable way for your company homepage.

Onepage Website - Landingpage

One Page Webseite - Design

One Page web pages consist of a single HTML page structurally subdivided by blocks and picture elements. That makes possible a simple navigation.

One Page - Advantages

With a One Page Page it is possible to guide the user to the destination in a narrative way. There is only a long HTML page where you can scroll through, or easily find everything by a simple menu so that you don't have to torture yourself by endless menu items.

Onepager for Marketing and Landingpages

One Page Websites are pages that are used, for example by restaurants, service providers, small shops, freelancers, or for landing pages for special products or services. Through the simple and clear menu navigation, the user has always everything in overview.
One Page Marketing

Onepage Website - Technology

One Page Site mit Bootstrap


Bootstrap 3 is one of the most reliable and performing frameworks. Our One Page Sites are created exactly with this framework.

Onepage Site mit responsiven Design


A strenght of our One Page Sites, created with Bootstrap 3 is the responsive customization to the browser size. We offer quality and not quantity.

Fonts für die Onepage Site


On our One Page Websites, we have access to the extensive and vast collection of fonts from Google Fonts. See yourself how many options there are.



For your Onepage site you will need the right hosting package and the right domain. We can advise you. We have over 15 years of experience.

One Page Site Creation

Pictures, logo and texts are provided by the buyer. It should be noted that all texts and images may be used by the company and there are no copyright infringed. 

Fixed price for 1 Onepage site with maximum

8 blocks and 3 pages (About us / Imprint / Privacy)

€790,-- incl. VAT

Hosting - Offer


incl. 19% VAT
per Month
  • ncl. 1 domain (at / com / eu / info)
  • 1 GB of storage space
  • incl. SSL certificate Let's Encrypt
  • 1 domains manageable
  • 2 subdomain administrable
  • 1 e-mail address
  • automatic backup
  • 5 cronjobs
  • PHP Version 5.4 - 7.2
  • memory limit: 256 MB
  • Max. execution time: 300 sec.
  • Upload Filesize: 256 MB


incl. 19% VAT
per Month
  • incl. 1 domain (at / com / eu / info)
  • 5 GB of storage space
  • incl. SSL certificate Let's Encrypt
  • 3 domains manageable
  • 5 Subdomain manageable
  • 5 e-mail addresses
  • automatic backup
  • 10 cronjobs
  • 5 data bases
  • PHP Version 5.4 - 7.2
  • memory limit: 640 MB
  • Max. execution time: 300 sec.
  • Upload Filesize: 256 MB

One Page - Contact Form

We will contact you within 1 business day.

What is Bootstrap?

Originally developed by Twitter to accelerate the development. Bootstrap is a free CSS framework developed and focused on HTML5 and CSS3. The concept of bootstrap puts great emphasis on browser compatibility.

Was ist responsives Design?

In the responsive web design, the website adapts to the display of laptops, desktops, tablets, smartphones, and more. The purpose here is to present the website as clear and user-friendly as possible to the user. 

What are Google Fonts?

Google Fonts is a Google project to standardize the Internet. Here's a list of over 800 free fonts to be downloaded. You can choose from the following categories:

  • Serif
  • Sans Serif
  • Display
  • Handwriting
  • Monospace 

What is a SSL certificate?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It is an encryption protocol that provides a secure transmission channel for a wide variety of applications. In the browser, the encryption is displayed in the address bar with a green lock and instead of http, https is at the beginning of the address bar. By clicking on the lock you can read detailed information about the status of the connection security.